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Download: (RT) Sockshare Video - Media Tag

Community Products 06 Jul 2014
File Name: (RT) Sockshare Video - Media TagFile Submitter: kyriazhs1975File Submitted: 06 Jul 2014File Category: IP.BoardAdds support for video files from Sockshare into the built-in IP.Board [media] bbcode.InstallationLog in to your IP.Board Admin CP and visit the Look & Feel tab -> Post...
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Updates for 4.0.x From Invision Focus.

News & Announcements 27 Jun 2014
Ok what with 4.0.x coming out very soon the big question everyone will be asking what will, be updated and what will be not be updated, but problem is at moment i will have no idea what,Tht apps or hooks will be done this because still being tested by IPS and no files been provided yet but once w...
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Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

News & Announcements 11 Jun 2014
IPS Community Suite 4.0, the most significant update to IP.Board and the rest of our apps we've ever made, is fast approaching a state where we'll be ready for a public preview and, soon after that, public beta testing!   We know most of you are just as excited as we are about this and can't...
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[Themes][IF34] IP.Board 4.0 Style

Community Products 09 Jun 2014
File Name: [IF34] IP.Board 4.0 StyleFile Submitter: Pete TFile Submitted: 09 Jun 2014File Category: ThemesDescriptionThe theme been design to look like IPB Style 4.0.0, it Modern feel to it using font awesome for most of the icons.Compatibility* IP.Board 3.4.x* Blogs* Gallery* Downloads* Nexus* C...
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4.0 - Cover photos

News & Announcements 09 Jun 2014
I want to briefly show our new cover photo support. Cover photos allow users to upload an image to represent something in the community; we currently support them in profiles and calendar events and may roll out support to other areas later.   Here's a video of it in action for a calendar ev...
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