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  1. License Key interacting

    Howdy, I've been trying to work with the XmlRpc licenses.php file for one of my products so I can display their status on their license key and additional addons. I've gotten a little of it situated to where I can activate the license, but can't seem to get any of the variable to show up nor have I figured out how to store them in the database or cache them on disk. Would someone be able to help me out? I posted a topic over at IPS about this, Thanks in Advance, -Don :)
  2. Paid Job - Few Odds & Ends

    I would say for the marcher mods, have him work on those, since they are built by him and I do believe he offers free support for his mods. As for the others, I'll pm you.
  3. Hello, I am receiving an error when I switch to the mobile skin when I have a skin overloader hook overloading the chat application. What does the below error mean? [code] Fatal error: Method chatMobileLink does not exist in chatIndexGlobalAds1 in /****/****/public_html/****/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php on line 3731 [/code] Thanks in Advance, -Don
  4. Paid Job - Few Odds & Ends

    What kind of work you needing done?
  5. Add Font Type

    Couldn't you make IPB load the font type in to the browser? I think I've seen this somewhere in some sort of coding. Not sure. But I think it's possible some how.
  6. 3.2 UCP Help

    Have you tried contacting IPS about this issue through a support ticket?
  7. Hello, I am trying to get a template hook to only show in certain posts. I seem to have gotten it to work on all posts, but when I chose to only show on a particular post, it shows on all posts but the one I choose. Is there any reason why it won't show on that particular post? Here is the code I am using: [code] <?php class topicRepliesTest { public function __construct() { $this->registry = ipsRegistry::instance(); } public function getOutput() { return; } public function replaceOutput($output, $key) { if (is_array($this->registry->output->getTemplate('topic')->functionData['post']) && count($this->registry->output->getTemplate('topic')->functionData['post'])) { $tag = '<!--hook.' . $key . '-->'; $last = 0; foreach ($this->registry->output->getTemplate('topic')->functionData['post'] as $k => $v) { $pos = strpos($output, $tag, $last); if ( $pos ) { /*$string = "<span style='margin-left: 50px;'>Re: {$v['post']['post']['pid']} - TESTING</span>"; } else {*/ $string = "<span style='margin-left: 50px;'>Re: {$v['topic']['title']} - Post #: {$v['post']['post']['post_count']} PID: {$v['post']['post']['pid']}</span>"; } $output = substr_replace( $output, $string . $tag, $pos, strlen( $tag ) ); $last = $pos + strlen( $tag . $string ); } } return $output; } } [/code] If change the if ( $pos) to if ( $pos && $v['post']['post']['post_count'] == '5' ) , That post won't show anything in it, but all the others do. What would I need to do to get it only show on that particular post? Thanks, -Don
  8. Top Black Strip Gone Blank

    Can you post a little more code above and below and also the CSS that belongs to it? That would help to figure out the problem.
  9. Data Hooks

    OK, so I read the second link you posted and saw that example of that data hook. Would I need to change $data['members'] to $data['topics'] to call the topics table? And how would I link the data hook to one of my custom template bits that will link to an if statement in skin_topics -> post? EDIT: Would I need to do something similiar to this to add the data to a template bit? Example: [code] class yourClassName { public function handleData( $data ) { /* Add additional fields to be queried */ $data['members'] = array_merge( $data['members'], array( 'steamid' ) ); $return = $this->registry->output->getTemplate( 'ng30globalads' )->hookTopicGlobalAds4Below( &data ); /* Return */ return $return; } } [/code]
  10. Data Hooks

    Hello, I have been searching the documentation on Data Hooks and there is absolutely nothing of value that tells you anything on how to create one. Even searched through topics and posts and couldn't find anything either. So my question is, what does the basic data hook look like? And how would I go about creating one for "New Topic: First Post" & "New Topic: Topic Data" for fetching Forum ID, & Post ID to display stuff only inside first post, after first post, and after X amount of posts without the use of template edits? Any and All Advice is greatly Appreciated. Thanks in Advance, -Don
  11. Data Hooks

    Which file controls the post data/forum data? The file for showing the available topics in the sub forum view & the file for topic view. Also, which file controls the UserCP section for profile info?
  12. Data Hooks

    The edits my mod are making, give it settings for showing after a certain amount of posts within a topic. EG: Showing an ad after the 5th post, or 1st post in a topic. As for the per-skin ad colors; how would I get it to create/update/delete settings? I'd like to replicate a previous mod for how another modder did this for 2.3.6 for the ad colors. This mod [url=""]located here at IM[/url], creates/updates/deletes settings with-in a certain setting group for each skin that is installed. I'd like to replicate how he did it, but I can't seem to figure it out on 3.1. Since a lot of the coding has changed. I used to use this with my 2.3.6 installation before I upgraded to 3.0.0. EDIT: How would go about using the $functionData and which type of hook would I have to use? Could you post an example of a hook file using this type of feature please? It's easier for me to learn when I see examples of it being used.
  13. Data Hooks

  14. Michael's Board Panel

    Hey Iestyn, I'll hop on MSN k and give ya hand with it if I can k. -Donald EDIT: Go to FTP and open up -FORUM-ROOT- -> hooks -> boardIndexBoardPanel_*.php, Find: [php] if ( $this->settings['bp_fposts'] ) { $fstats[ $this->lang->words['total_posts'] ] = $stats['total_topics'] + $stats['total_replies']; } [/php] Change to: [php] if ( $this->settings['bp_fposts'] ) { $fstats[ $this->lang->words['total_posts'] ] = $stats['total_replies']; } [/php]
  15. Resolved: Fetching App Versions