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  1. Search Engine Redirect

    No, it only happens when I search for my site or something that is on my site...other users are having the issue as well and it happens on alternate PC's that I have here at work.
  2. Search Engine Redirect

    Yeah, I keep the forum up to date...what version are you running here?  I like it! I haven't seen it do the redirect from any other search engine...only Google.
  3. Search Engine Redirect

    The redirect only happens when you search google for the main site or even for threads that come up in google.  Typing the url direct always works. Here is another forum that I found having the same issue... The place looks great Pete!  Congrats on the new endevour!
  4. Search Engine Redirect

    Hi guys, been a while!  Everything has been pretty good with my forum but lately my users have been reporting a strange issue.  When they go to Google and search for big mack trucks, the resulting line to my forum redirects to some shorturl's website or other unrelated sites!  I ran all the security tools and reached skins and languages but it still seems to do it!  I need to know where in my files to look for something that is redirecting search engine links. Hopefully someone can give me  quick hand with this little gremlin!
  5. Resolved: Settings for Post Likes?

    That did the trick...thanks, guys!  Here is an article from IPS about the issue...
  6. Resolved: Settings for Post Likes?

    Both settings are already set to yes...
  7. Hi guys!  It's been a while but I am still pluggin' away at IPB!    My latest issue is th post like members are complaining that it has changed somewhere in the last 10 million updates!  I cannot find any settings in the ACP to check.  They are complaining that the users that had liked a post are not visible anylonger but I, as an admin, am able to see all that liked a post.  Any ideas would be appreciated!   Thanks, RF
  8. Moderate Reputation

    I'm on 3.2 but I am using the red and green arrows (positive and negative)
  9. Moderate Reputation

    Is there anyway to moderate reputation given by other members? I had a member issue the wrong rep by accident and I need to change it. Thanks
  10. I posted this on Invisionpower also but I really need an answer! I just noticed that the Paypal gateway is charging sales tax which I do not want it to do. Where and how can I change this from happening? Also, I would like the money coming in to be considered a gift/donation so there is no Paypal fee taken out. Any info would be greatly appreciated! It's hard enough to get donations let alone explain why they are taxable! LOL
  11. Resolved: Upgrade of forum

    Make sure it is the full path to your forums such as:[color=#ff0000]/[/color][color=#FF0000]admin/upgrade/index.php[/color]
  12. IPS fixed my issue by upgrading my skin. I'm not sure what that means but it is fixed! LOL I let them upgrade my board to 3.2.3 (because I was busy, plus I pay for support...might as well use it!) So I don't know if they should have upgraded my skin or if I should have but I need to know how to do that.
  13. I started a support ticket with IPS, but I would love to see the link when you can post it! Thanks Andy!
  14. I just noticed that my uploaded attachment thumbnails have no top bar and are whacking the layout of the postbit by moving the signatures up. I've attached a screen cap so you don't have to login to see an attachment. I do have my thumbnails set to a larger size than Michael does here...
  15. Youtube videos show as links

    [quote name='Michael' timestamp='1319547488' post='15443'] It should be doing it automatically, they use the Media Tag system and YouTube is one of the built-in ones. Make sure you have the "Automatically parse media URLs" setting in the Admin CP turned on. [/quote]The setting is set to YES... Here is the thread I just noticed this issue with: [url=""]http://www.bigmacktr...__fromsearch__1[/url] ETA: I think I see the problem...user posted the short link from youtube's share field. Doesn't seem to work on IPB, but when I edited the post with the long url link, it worked. Anyway to make the media system accept short links also? Test here: [CODE] Long URL: [/CODE] [media][/media] [CODE] Short URL: [/CODE] [media][/media] ETAx2: Seems to work fine here but short URL's don't parse on my forum??