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  1. $10

    Close/Deactivate My Account

    This application will add the option for your users to close/deactivate their accounts. Once they do that, they will not be able to browse your forum or the topics anymore, unless they reactivate their account again from their Account Settings. 
    All closed/deactivated accounts will be shown up in the Mod CP area. Only the admins will be able to view and manage them.
    Note: The accounts will not be gone from the forum. They will be simple set to non active and a suspended account badge will appear on those users profiles and posts. 

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  2. $30

    Elections System (Copyright Remover)

    Copyright remover for only Elections System.



  3. $25

    Elections System

    This app allows you to run elections on your board, good for members who wan't to run for staff positions etc. 
    How it works
    Admin adds an Organization.
    Admin then adds the Positions.
    Admin then adds the Ballot.
    Admin then adds positions for those Ballot.
    Admin then adds Nominees for those Positions.
    Then the Voters vote.