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Invision Focus: Update

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Welcome to Invision Focus we have reopen the Forum due to 4.5 coming soon so far like many developers we unable see what will need be updated, or even rebuilt for the new frame work, we have seen the screenshots of the new update but from now and when the beta comes live we just can't tell much from the work. 

When beta is ready we will look at all files from themes to applications to see what working and what its not working but please remember during the beta period we will not be providing update on all files, we will note one item that all old files from 4.4.x will not show up on the new marketplace we little unsure if we will need reupload 4.5 files differently or not.


All support will continue be using the ticket system this allows us keep track your current support items for every file you own, we will use the forum to keep you update to date with all updates and allow you post any feedback on any files.

IPS Themes

All themes that was part of IPSThemes.com have been fully been taken over by myself back in 2017 and we stop given all customers accress to free file in 2018 plus discount off the new versions so remember if was old customer of Tom Christian you will need buy at the full price.

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Thanks for the update Pete, looking forward to the next and hopefully better improvements from IPS

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