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  1. Waitting for buyer at the moment i still around for little bit but issue moment i don't any free time to maybe next week look any issues, i was hoping have bug patch for before now but that just like not going happen.
  2. Pete T

    Sad News

    We have not turn off new signup we will soon be deleteding all customers that don't have any paid files please if wish download are free plugins please go to https://invisionify.com/ where all free plugins will be moved to shortly.
  3. I take look see what I missed on the css tonight and provide a guide on how to update the patch.
  4. So the new moderator icon is built into all themes there are other icons that do show like a hand and sure seen others I seen and no idea if there settings turn them off or not as not had time play with all 4.5.x new functions. Is the subscription image showing in default theme has have feeling this is global issue that might have fix for. The club header is easy fix and would need look that. The text issue is that profile area as your bug feedback is great but needs details where the item is.
  5. Pete T

    Sad News

    Its has been hard to come to this but Invision Focus is closing for good all my free files will have a new home, I will be sorting my paid stuff out next but the site will close once all items been sorted. I am leaving due to other commitments that just not allowing me to give my all and personal items have also becoming a factor. More information will be updated once we finished sorting everything out.
  6. Seem could be setting for the tags changed color have looked in the theme settings under text or could be front end tab. The one looking for called tags
  7. Pete T


    @bosss hi welcome again..
  8. Pete T


    @Ronald welcome.
  9. Welcome everyone to Invision Focus one many third party forum that provide plugin, applications and themes to your own invision community needs, i started modding way back in 2005 when we had to add lines of code to the template and add odd mysql table to the database, alot changes been made we had the Mod installer that just made life easy to lastest version of community suite today. I will continue to provide every files i personal have taken over or made by myself for few more years yet unless my life starts getting to busy but at moment i right balance for myself and my family but ple
  10. ? not sure what mean @bosss cheers working on more changes and updates.
  11. I will mate i needed reload my dev site up as broken few weeks ago when building new plugin for here and well let say I added wrong script and deleted few tables good job never test stuff on live sites.
  12. Yeah I just need to reload up my dev site and download dev files and edit the area but might also found away around ips rules so it might be rebuilt so submit to the marketplace to.
  13. No the bug in the template with user sign up date few hit area when removed the small 2 lines code it works but unsure why as part of ips code.
  14. Yes but there reports of small bug some people have it others don't.
  15. For any one that might had the General stats by Adriano Faria, this plugin was taken by myself due to many new rules added by IPS Community staff i am unable to upload the file to the official marketplace because of the rule around using any IPS coded in full to provide any plugin to marketplace is not allowed i will contine to support the plugin here, the plugin is ready for 4.5. but will need upload it into that category the plugin can be download here
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