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  1. Can expline what mean doesnt display properly.
  2. Ok that good not sure what planning do with that setting no idea but i am sure come back to me.
  3. I just check and do have same yourself i believe building new settings but widget does work, so once installed go to Front end (forum end) select your block mananger and you will see the widget under General Statistics drag the widget and place where you like remember needs be in widget area examples sidebar,header or footer i look the widget see what planning to add for that setting.
  4. Hello, have you seen my support request? 🙂 https://invisionfocus.com/support/6/

    1. Pete T

      Pete T

      Nothing there no support ticket.

    2. kirrus


      Odd, I can see the support ticket! 🙂 Basically asking for access so I can purchase a new theme.


    3. kirrus


      Replied to support case now

  5. View File Classic Blue This is new version of Classic Blue using simple style make your site look different and stand out from the rest this has dropdown menu's that hover over and clean lines this uses all css and very little template changes. Submitter Pete T Submitted 10/14/2019 Category 4.4.x  
  6. As maybe aware 4.4.7 is now out and i just done check only two template been updated none the changes will effect any theme from Invision Focus so you all good to go if you do see any issues that we might not be aware if please also report it, we also believe the new update will not effect any plugin or application that we provide.
  7. View File Chocolate Chocolate is a dark modern theme for multiple purposes. It can be used anywhere as your community requires. Includes intuitive and easy-to-use options for you to enjoy while you work. Some features include a documentation link to improve reading/assistance. Submitter Pete T Submitted 09/12/2019 Category 4.4.x  
  8. View File Post to PM This plugin will allow users to quote a post and send a PM to the author. Submitter Pete T Submitted 08/10/2019 Category Plugins  

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