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  1. Mysql can not change because I have a provider. Or am I getting you wrong now?
  2. Yes, it didn't work after the installation. I don't think it was yet.
  3. Hi Pete, I have the following problem with the plugin. The following processes seem to have a problem regularly:%s. Please start it manually. If you need further support with displayed error messages, please contact Technical Support. Application/Plugin Prune Old Conversations Task pruneconversations Last Run Donnerstag um 19:55 You should check the logs for any indication of the issue or attempt to run it manually. If the task does not run successfully you should contact the author of the application/plugin for further assistance. I have the same with your Birthday Greeter. How can you fix it? Yours sincerely
  4. Hi, I bought some plugins here today and paid with Paypal. Unfortunately I can not find a download ... Do I have to be unlocked first? Or how does this work? With kind regards
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