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  1. Great news about continuous support. However only free plugins are mentioned. What is the status of paid themes?
  2. Werner

    Sad News

    They seem to have issues with their confirmation emails unfortunately. Works now finally.
  3. No worries here. I found how to disable the moderator icon. Not an issue with the theme 🙂 That one also was not related to the theme, correct 😉 If you click on your avatar/username and then select Profile. I just tried this in the forums here and I know why you could not find the bar. It seems like there is only one tab active which would be equal to activity. However if there are multiple profile options active like Clubs or About me these options are shown like kind a browser tabs. Feel free to create an account for test a the forums and have a look for yourself.
  4. There are actually a couple of things that we'd love to have adjusted but I have to admit I feel too dumb to get it right. I edit a color in the theme settings that feels to be correct but the forums does not adjust at all. So I most likely picked the wrong one? Anyway I have collected a few things here to get an idea what this is all about: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15351-forum-bugs-453/?do=findComment&comment=110186 Not all are theme related. Thank you in advance. Cheers Werner
  5. Werner


    Welp, nothing much to add here... Werner
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