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Help Guides

This application will add a Help Guide system to your forum where you can provide an interface for your users to post how to articles visually by uploading attachments/pictures, and textually by providing detailed information. How to articles can be added from the front end.


Admins can add unlimited categories from the application 's category page in the Admin Panel. Each category will display the help guides entries that it contains.

Entries can be set to be moderated for groups. Moderated entries will appear in the Mod CP where your staff can review them.

Groups can manage, (edit, delete, move and hide/approve), their own and/or all entries depending on their permissions.

Depending on their permissions, users will be able to view who viewed their own and/or all entries.
Daily Limit:

A limit of how many entries users can add can be set for each group at their Help Guides permissions tab.
Help Guides Count:

An option to show how many help guides members have posted is available on their hoover cards and post bits.

You can set the number of entries that will be displayed per page on front end from the application 's setting page.
Custom Search:

Users can search for help guides submitted by members, posted between a certain time frame.
Reaction Integration.

Users can react to uploaded entries. Owners will receive an alert anytime someone reacts to one of their help guide entries.
Report Integration.

Users can report help guide entries.
Share Links Integration.

Help guide entries can be shared on social medias.
Content Messages Integration.

Members with the appropriate permissions can add content messages to help guide entries.
Moderation History & Moderator Log Integration.

All edit/delete/move, hide and approve actions will be logged individually for each help guide and globally in the Moderator Logs page in Admin Panel.


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